The HGW-M combines the controlling function of a very accurate weighing system with the mobility and the flexible availability of a hand pallet truck. With the Bruss HGW-M you weigh pallets and containers during transport, at the place of handling. You save time while checking incoming and outgoing goods, and during dosing and filling processes, and when doing piece counts. The HGW-M is developed for industrial applications and is protected against water, dust and shocks. The exchangeable battery module provides use for 8 hours.

Indicator HGW-M
HGW-M model


  • Automatic and manual zero correction
  • Gross/net weighing
  • Automatic and manual tare
  • Totalling
  • Code entry, max. 10 digits
  • Numeric key board, entry of alpha-numerical data
  • Piece counting by entry or sampling of piece weights (to be specified in the order)
  • Internal clock
  • Error messages in display
  • Automatic switch-off, 10 minutes after the last pushing of a key (switch-off time programmable)

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